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So long ago, a young, bright, clear-eyed love.

A cool north wind swept by and took my breath away, but time had not yet had its way with us. We reveled in the weightlessness, our movements easily finding synchronicity. The sleekness of it all was unsettling as if impossible to maintain…a masterful dance bound to the inevitable last chord.

Insecurity opened the door to release the breeze, the recognition of which became a treasured memory. It was gone as quickly as it had arrived and in a moment, it was still.

Years bled by. Epochs of hardship and heartbreak; of life, love, and constant yearning. The building tumult was exhausting, bleeding the promises that had occupied that place.

Yet, the storm continued to build upon the smooth, comforting foundation, the memory of that which had once fueled such delight. That which was so effortless, so steady and sleek, provided comfort though distant and hope though beyond my reach. I would, however, allow myself a glimpse in moments when I felt I had the strength. Beneath my feet, as if peering through glass, I could see the whirl of happiness and streams of possibilities that had once been mine. Over the years, it was the memory of this weightlessness that encouraged and energized.

When at last I was ready, a moment of courage & impulsive indulgence led me to extend a cautious hand. So much had changed in the near decade and a half that had elapsed. Could it be that the time was right? So long had past, would we still be the same?