I was struck this evening by the view from my couch.  Looking up from my trusty MBP, my life flashed before my eyes – and no, not in very story worthy near death experience. My coffee table, wielding scars from countless moving trucks and pocked with little dents from an intoxicated fellow drummer friend’s lack of feminine pride in furniture, provides the framework for my life in 3x4x2 feet.

I don’t want to hear about the messy state of things.  I will, however, like to highlight what’s happening here. This portrait of Ma Vie en Somme.

Note, if you will, the seasons of the West Wing by the very old, very small TV and yes, that is a VHS sticking out of the built-in VHS player. [I can hear the echoes of younger voices crying out in confusion] The books and papers lying about are a given. I am a professional student after all.  The tupperware-like vessel, a crutch and an enabler to all exceedingly frugal PhD students, is still warm with the memory of the boxed mac-n-cheese it held until just a few moments ago.  The wine glass…oh, the wine glass needs no further explanation for those that know me or have met my father from whom I inherited my love for all reds.  Then there’s the coffee travel mug. Now, this mug is unlike all others.  It came to me, this mug, my precious.  It waited for me outside the gates of the Jacksonville State University football stadium where from the warm humid evening air I rescued it.  It was, no doubt, abandoned by a lesser aficionado of the coffee mug persuasion and has for the last 10 years accompanied me through many adventures.

Deserving of its own paragraph is the acknowledgment of the scotty-style drum sticks, practice pad and music. I still practice, thank you very much.

Last but certainly least, my running shoes and just-purchased Powerade.  ‘Cause, you know, I like to run…ok, well, I’m learning to like it.

Sad? Not sad? I don’t know. Accurate? Oh, hell yes.  This is what my life has become and likely will be for the next 2.5 years.  Oh, and I absolutely cried in Applied Correllation and Regression Methods today. You would, too.