Pardon me if you have seen this already. I posted this as a note on facebook a while ago and wanted to also include it here.


sunrise by sunset, a beautiful account of a life well lived, experiences bled into one continuous picture of light and dark, of loss and love, of joy and hate and marginalized detachment. reading back through mnemonic pages – purposeful, seeking reflection – desperate reaches for patterns and depth. searching for the form, the figure, the one guiding light. the manifestation of design in the face of undeterred chance.


sunrise by sunset. what once was a journey with no end now reeks of fleeting moments, gone before recognition can have its say. Goals, met. Dreams, unforeseen. Desires, unsatisfied. the beauty of the incomplete sojourn, a deep fissure seeking completion, seeking absolution, seeking the balance of a pair. fleeting moments join fleeting moments, a scheme of episodic cognizance synthesized only by shared similarity of dissimilarity.


sunrise by sunset. brilliant days of careless play, epochs in the course of hours. minute by minute stolen away to spend in the pursuit of meaning, the pursuit of acceptance, the pursuit of external love, the pursuit of everything that never mattered. ages gone. evanescent acceptance – the mark by which lives become written.