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Evidence of fall’s arrival stops me in my tracks. I can hardly believe that it is October. While I am very aware of the passing of the last few months [kindly], this month has very sneakily crept up on me. Just so you know, fall is my absolute favorite season..at least when living in locations that have an actual fall-feeling season. Perhaps that is why I was unaware of the approaching fall-awesomeness here in Georgia, Texas had its way with my season-sensing.

Regardless, here it is and I am now fully in cooler weather, jeans-wearing, and always-present-hoodie mode.

Been ruminating on a few things lately.

Successful forgiveness takes a pretty wide metaview of one’s situation. It is only by this broad view of the scope of the issue at hand that one can really come to that place. This way you are able to apply this new emotion to every aspect of your life – without this, there are hidden places, shadows that will eventually be exposed and inevitably, return a person to the very day, the original emotions. It’s amazing really, the power of the human brain to hold so tightly to some memories – so perfect is the recollection that you can recall taste, the memories can raise goose-bumps [good and bad], can make your stomach sink, can cause your heart to race [good and bad]. So, we cannot wait for decay of memory – we must choose to forgive and then wait to forget. View the situation from an outsider’s perspective, if you can -viewing yourself viewing your situation.

In some weird conjunction with this, I’m finding excitement in my journey these days. The inability to calculate how through chaos comes joy and how seemingly random choices have lead me to where I am is akin to younger days of staring into the night sky and allowing thoughts to drift through the scale of the expanding universe and completely astound my less than powerful brain. I do not adhere to a particular plan, I gave up long ago trying to guess what would come next or what I thought should come next. To do so forces a discordant structure on a unique journey and leads to a crumbling foundation. Instead, I cast aside the world’s expectations of my life -they have nothing to do with me- make the best decisions based on the information that I have and on the filters of my experience, culture, and faith and let everyone else shoulder their possible disappointment. Oh, the freedom! ..just have to remind myself sometimes.. 🙂