Do not think that love, in order to be genuine, has to be extraordinary. What we need is to love without getting tired.” — Mother Theresa

Oh, love. What enigmatic pursuit, what Delphian ambition.

Of all the things I have mentioned, this, this one endeavor is the overarching goal. It encompasses all. To live our lives with love of others, with love of self, love of creation, and in love of blessings is truly divine. Mother Theresa had it right, love takes many forms but the ideal is one that is tireless. Tireless love, of this few are truly capable. To love through joy is easy, to love through pain..not as much..but equally as important.

As a young girl, my emotions were as extreme and as enthusiastic as the next girl and I often contemplated whether that trait would fade. As I age, I am amazed at how my ability to love has actually continued to grow and, gratefully, become more steadfast. I have been the recipient of many heartbreaks both romantic and otherwise and, for a moment, wondered how it could be that I could ever recover. Amazingly, I not only recovered but I also found that my capacity to love had grown in the process. I have never been one to guard my heart too carefully. It just does not run in the genes, so to speak. I joke that while some wear their hearts “on their sleeve”, I wear mine right in the middle of my forehead or in an out-stretched hand. I do not think that this is a character flaw, however, and although it has lead me down some very interesting paths, I have learned a great deal from each journey. Looking back, I would not change a single one of them. I would not chart a different course. There are those that enter your life in an explosion, a stop-dead-in-your-tracks moment of fate and divine intervention. These are my favorite. A life-changing happenstance -standing in the airport, perhaps?

I thank God that I have the ability to love wholeheartedly -it certainly is a blessing. I know no other way. I would urge everyone to do the same. Love others unabashedly, with fervor and without hesitation. I always say that to do so any other way would be doing a disservice to yourself and to others and in that light, not really love at all.

 Love your neighbor, love the rich, love the poor, love the sick, and the spirited. Love your family, love your friends, love your pets and love your enemies. It can be difficult to give your whole heart to these people but the rewards far outweigh the potential heartache. You will hurt on occasion, just as you will hurt others on occasion. The saving grace, in so many words, is the fundamental love for the person as a person..just how they are in that moment, despite it all.