So, regardless of the amount of time spent on this spinning rock, I have just recently been able to form/realize my own philosophy on the meaning or purpose of life. It dawned on me this summer that every action, experience, emotion and thought that had any substantial -positive or negative- effect on me could be boiled down into one of three categories; Learn, Teach, and Love. I understand that the concept of developing a life philosophy can seem trite or possibly even sanctimonious but I have found that in the moment of clarity when I was struck by these three overarching values I found a certain peace that I was unaware was lacking. It took me thirty-two years to come to a place where I could define what was important in my life in a deeper, more synthesized manner. Beyond daily needs and outside of the trivial these are aspects of the human experience that I cannot seem to break down any further. I, perhaps, am a little behind others in my journey, Maslow-style, to some semblance of self-actualization but I am just glad to be making progress to figuring myself out.

It all boils down to three things..

Learn, Teach, and Love