I have to tell you, today is a good day.



Roll up the jeans, throw on the college hoodie and Chacos and head to class

What’s that?

Analysis of Variance has been cancelled for today?

SO, I virtually skip back to my on-campus graduate apartment where I promptly kick off said Chaco’s and curl up with my trusty laptop on the couch for some much needed research time. Returning to college has been a leap of faith for me. In this time of cultural ambivalence when individuals instinctively batten down the hatches and ride out the storm, (I was surprised that I could not think of a way to say that that didn’t involve cliche) I left a job that I loved, a town that had everything I needed and not too much of what I didn’t, friends I cherish and family that I adore not too mention a little taste of this thing called security. I, admittedly, was not making a fortune but I was able to take care of myself, I paid the bills right away for the first time in my life and had money left over for a little craziness here and there. I purchased a house on my own while finishing my master’s degree and bought a car. I was a testiment to the possibility of making it happen on your own.

But apparently, that wasn’t good enough.

I am currently 32 years old and I have lived a life that sometimes I can only sit back and enjoy simply because I cannot for the life of me believe that I have experienced some of the things that I have. So you know a bit about me, I am a musician, educator/now student, extremely hard working woman, fairly intelligent, slightly attractive, single, lover of life, lover of beauty. I am easily distracted, highly motivated, very, very stubborn and I don’t just wear my heart on my sleeve – I swear that mine resides square in the middle of my forehead, as big as it is, waiting to poked and prodded, chiseled and chipped. It’s alright though, don’t you worry, I would have it no other way. If you love someone with less than everything you have, is it really love?

I have started this blog in the attempt to find an outlet for my absolutely worthless, random ramblings – I live alone and spend all day in class or studying/researching/writing for class and so I find that my little brain just gets a bit busy.

Nice to meet ‘cha.